What is it?

eFlors is an initiative of the Broadband Communications and Distributed Systems (BCDS) research group of the University of Girona that, in collaboration with the Girona City Council, aims to provide a free location service for the Girona Temps de Flors exhibition spaces, using the latest technological advances in mobile devices and a technology called “augmented reality”.

Augmented reality (AR) is an emerging technology in the field of information technology which combines real world data (usually a camera) and computer generated content (graphics and multimedia objects). The objective of this technology is to increase the information that observed real-world objects provide adding information, such as graphics and multimedia objects (typical of virtual environments, such as the Internet), while viewing these objects.

Members of the Broadband Communications and Distributed Systems have developed a service that, through an augmented reality application for mobile devices called "Layar", displays information about the Girona Temps de Flors exhibition spaces.

This service will be available from May 8th, matching the start of this year’s Girona Temps de Flors.

The availability of this service will coincide with the start of this year Girona Temps de Flors, on 2016 May 7th.