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Broadband Communications and Distributed Systems


Pawel Kulakowski, AGH University, Poland is doing a postdoc stay with us

January 5, 2010

Luis Fernando Caro is graduated

Luis F Caro has got PhD degree, with his work: improving resource utilization in Carrier Ethernet technologies, supervised by Dr. Jose L Marzo. Examination board: President: Dr. Eusebi Calle, Un. Girona Vocal 1: Dr. Sarah Ruepp, DTU, Denmark Vocal 2: Dr. Davide Careglio UPC Vocal 3: Dr Fernando Solano, WTU Poland Secretary: Dr. Pere Vilà, UdG
January 19, 2010

Miguel Angel Sicilia visits BCDS

Miguel Angel Sicilia, Univerity of Alcalá, spent three days working at BCDS in E-learning resources and sematic web: characterization, representation and instructional design.
February 22, 2010

Pawel Kulakowski presents his research and some ideas.

At -more info- you can find his slides.
February 23, 2010 | More info...

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