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Broadband Communications and Distributed Systems


Cecilia Avila has got her PhD degree, congratulations!!

Hendrys Tobar has got his PhD degree, congratulations!!

The thesis is entitled:

Supporting Technology for Augmented Reality Game-Based Learning

Girona, June 15th, 2017

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Jorge Bacca has got his PhD degree, congratulations!!

The thesis is entitled:

Framework for the design and development of motivational augmented reality learning experiences in Vocational Education and Training

Girona, June 12th, 2017

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Marc Manzano has got his PhD degree, congratulations!!

The thesis is entitled:

New Robustness Evaluation Mechanisms for Complex Networks

Girona, November 20th, 2014

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November, 14th, 2014 Eusebi Calle and Jose L Marzo are Keynote Speakers at RNDM 2014

The talk is entitled: 

Robustness Analysis of Networks under Large-scale Failures: Drawing Robustness Surfaces

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More information here  

Miguel Camelo has got his PdD degree, congratulations

The thesis is entitled:

A geometric routing scheme in word-metric spaces for data networks

Dr Lluis Fàbrega and Dr Pere Vilà are the advisors.


Girona, 31st of October, 2014 

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The videoconferencing system vitam on newspapers (La Vanguardia)

The videoconferencing system vitam was on newspapers (La Vanguardia) 26th, October 2014

 La Vanguardia vitam

Always check the location personally at the stage of its selection. At the most unexpected moment, it may turn out that the air conditioner does not work well in the hall, there is no toilet for people with special needs, or the width of the doorway does not allow bringing equipment inside. Therefore, test such moments in advance. Once I was hosting a conference for 50 participants, and an hour after the start, the owner of the room asked us to leave without explanation. As a result plan a large-scale event, we spent an hour training with participants in a nearby park until we found a new facility. It seems that this situation will not happen to you, but it is better to always have a plan "B".

BCDS co-organizes CAVA 2014

BCDS co-organized the VI Congreso Internacional en Ambientes Virtuales de Aprendizaje (CAVA 2014). The event took place at the Universidad de  Córdoba, in Montería, Columbia on 27 - 29 August. Silvia Baldiris chaired the congress and Ramon Fabregat chaired the Programme Committee. The attendance of the event was 400 people interested in promoting a culture of inclusive education. The event included presentations and invited talks on subjects such as usability and accessibility of digital learning tools and  attention to diversity through IT and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).


Ramon Fabregat at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Ramon Fabregat,  co-director of the BCDS research group, conducted a research stay at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (PUJ) in Bogota, Columbia, on 1 - 4 July. Fabregat is an international advisor for ASHIY, a research project carried out by PUJ in the field of personalised learning, and took part in some of its meetings. ASHIY seeks to develop an agent-based platform which provides smart, dynamic and adaptive scheduling of training activities tailored to the individual needs of each student. The project is led by Dr Ángela Cristina Carrillo Ramos, Associate Professor at PUJ's Department of Systems Engineering.

Moreover, Fabregat was also a member of the Thesis Committee evaluating PhD candidate Diana Janeth Lancheros Cuesta. The title of her doctoral dissertation was "Sistemas adaptativos de apoyo a los procesos de enseñanza-aprendizaje orientados a estudiantes con discapacidad". In addition,  Fabregat delivered the course "Inclusive, accessible virtual learning environment", one of the modules PUJ's MSc in Engineering is made up of. While in Columbia Fabregat also held a meeting with Dr Yezid Donoso, President of IEEE - Colombia and Associate Professor at Universidad de Los Andes. 

BCDS hosts Raynel Mendoza

Raynel Mendoza, Research Director of Tecnológico Comfenalco, is conducting a research stay at the BCDS research group. Invited by Ramon Fabregat, BCDS's co-director, Mr Mendoza will work on emerging technologies applied to e-learning platforms in the fields of cultural heritage and tourism. The research stay will start on 11 May and end on 14 June. Tecnológico Comfenalco is a 12,000 student university based in Cartagena de Indias, 

Miguel Camelo gives a talk at Seminari EDMA (Grup de Recerca d'Equacions Diferencials, Modelització i Aplicacions)

Seminari de Matemàtica Aplicada (Dpt. IMAE) 

April, 10th, 10h, 2014

Speaker: Miguel Camelo (BCDS)

: Geometric routing on word-metric spaces 

Abstract:  Geometric routing is a strategy to send messages among nodes in a topology by using geometric information of their position in some metric space. For single-path routing, a greedy forwarding technique is used. Greedy forwarding brings the messages closer to the destination in each step using local information only. Each node forwards the message to the neighbor that minimizes the distance to the destination in each step (greedy). Some examples of well-known metric spaces are the Euclidean space, the hyperbolic space and a normed vector space. Cayley graphs, a kind of graphs that arise from algebraic groups, has been studied and proposed as a general kind of graphs to represent the underlying interconnection network of data centers. Due to these graphs arise from group theory, it is possible to use algebraic tools to simplify their study for many applications. These graphs are vertex symmetric, which makes possible to implement the same routing scheme in each node of the network, have hierarchical structure, which allows recursive construction, and have high connectivity, which facilitates fault tolerance. Additionally, these graphs have a metric called the word metric. This metric measures the length of the shortest path in the Cayley graph between two elements of the group. Combining the fact that any Cayley graph is a word metric space, we can use its metric to perform geometric routing on them. The vertices in the graph are labeled with the elements of the group and the distance between vertices can be computed efficiently by using a Shortlex Automatic Structure. This structure, which is a set of automatons that encode the global geometry of the graph, can compute the shortest path between any pair of vertices by reducing their labels to their shortlex equivalent word. Our work is focused in the design of a geometric routing scheme for this kind of graphs and to extend its applicability on general graphs by using graph embedding techniques. 

Angela Carrillo Visits BCDS

Ángela Carillo, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, spent five days working at BCDS in E-learning resources and ASHYI project.

Hendrys Tobar talks about Augmented Reality Games for Climate Change in Barranquilla, Colombia

BCDS was invited by the "Universidad de la Costa" University (aka CUC) in Barranquilla, Colombia to talk about possible applications of Augmented Reality (AR) and Game Based Learning (GBL) in campaigns of Climate Change Awareness. PhD student Hendrys Tobar from BCDS talked there during the conference held October 24 and 25 2013. During the conference, BCDS research on existing applications using AR and GBL were discussed as well as the games BCDS has worked on. 

Some memories of the event and the official CUC news report on the event can be found in their official site.


October, 14th, 2013, Carolina Mejias has got his PhD degree, Congratulations!!


Carolina Mejías passed his PdD defense on June, 6th, 2013, the thesis en entitled:

Framework for detection, assessment and assistance of university students with dyslexia and/or reading difficulties

It has been advised by Dr Ramon Fabregat

In the tribunal,

Dr. António Moreira Teixeira, Universidade Aberta- Porto Salvo-Oeiras
Dr. Alícia Díaz Megolla, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Dr. José L. Marzo Lázaro, local member


More Info

September, 2013 Jose L Marzo is appointed Adjunct Professor at Kansas State University

Jose L Marzo has been appointed Adjunct Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Kansas State University (KSU), Manhattan, Kansas, USA

Jose L Marzo collaborates with the Sunflower Networking Group at KSU. 

More info

July, 7th, 2013, Shmuel Zaks gives us a talk

"Optimization in optical networks" 

Speaker Shmuel Zaks

Department of Computer Science, Technion, Israel

(currently: Catedra de Excelencia, Departmento de Ingenieria Telematica, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and visiting researcher, Institute IMDEA Networks, Madrid.)


In the talk I overview some recent results for optimization problems that originate in optical networks. They deal with optimizing the utilization of regenerators (switching components that regenerate a signal after a certain distance) and ADMs (Add-Drop Multiplexers).  The results include design and analysis of algorithms,  complexity, approximability and on-line algorithms.  Many of the results are derived for a network whose topology is a line, and they can be viewed as scheduling problems. Among the results discussed are (1) an on-line algorithm that minimizes the use of ADMs with a cost of at most 75% more than the optimum (which is best possible) ), (2 an inapproximability result (that is, no existence of PTAS) for the problem of using smallest number of regenerators so as to satisfy each of a given sets of inputs, and (3) an approximation algorithm (with performance between 3 and 4 times the optimum) for the scheduling problem of minimizing total busy time where a machine can process a bounded number of jobs at the same time.
The talk will be self-contained, thus no a-priori knowledge is assumed for optical networks or approximation and on-line algorithms.

Estudien les possibilitats dels dispositius mòbils per a un aprenentatge fet a mida

Sergio Eduardo Gómez Ardila ha defensat una tesi doctoral en què suggereix un replantejament del disseny i el lliurament d’escenaris educatius basats en la pedagogia tradicional, en el context de l’m-learning, per tal que els estudiants es beneficiïn de les potencialitats del nou context... [llegir més]

Sergio E Gomez has got his PhD degree, Congratulations

Sergio E Gomez passed his PdD defense on June, 6th, 2013, the thesis en entitled:

Learning Design Implementation in Context-Aware and Adaptive Mobile Learning

It has been advised by Dr Ramon Fabregat

In the tribunal, Jose Roberto Amazonas (U. Sao Paulo, Brasil) and Francisco Jurado (U Lleida) helped Jose L Marzo (local member). 


ViTAM rep el premi Euroregió Pirineus Mediterrània a les jornades TIC Salut

ViTAM rep el premi Euroregió Pirineus Mediterrània a les jornades TIC Salut


Premi ViTAM

 May, 2013

More info

José Roberto Amazonas gives us a talk

José Roberto Amazonas gives us a talk on April, 4th, 2013:

Internet of Things: a new communications paradigm


In this the talk the concept and the inclusive reference model of the Internet of Things will be presented. It will be followed by a brief discussion concerning its enabling technologies, namely: AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture), network virtualization, cloud computing and semantic web. Some applications related to the three structural axes of the new economy (manufacturing, environment and culture) will be described. Last but not least, the multidimensional and interdisciplinary architectural reference model will by presented as a tool to develop realistic roadmaps for the deployment of IoT-based applications and services.

Short Bio

José Roberto de A. Amazonas graduated in electrical engineering from the Escola Politécnica of the University of São Paulo (EPUSP), Brazil, in 1979. He received the MSc, PhD and postdoctoral degrees from EPUSP in 1983, 1988 and 1996, respectively.
He is associate professor of the Telecommunications and Control Engineering Department at EPUSP, where he is in charge of optical communications and high-speed communications networks education and research. He held various positions in universities in Brazil, Europe and Asia. He has also led research in partnership with several brazilian, european and north-american companies.
He is currently visiting professor at Universat Polytècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain), Universidad de Antioquia (Medellin, Colombia) and PhD theses supervisor at University Putra (Malaysia). He is the Latin American partner in the European Commission funded CASAGRAS2 project.
His research interests are in the area of optical communications, wired and wireless networks, Quality of Service (QoS), remote learning, multiuser detection and Internet of Things.

BCDS presents ViTAM technology at the III Forum PCiT-UdG

BCDS presents ViTAM technology at the III Forum PCiT-UdG on February 7th, 2013

More details at: http://www.forumparcudg.com/

Beatriz E Florian has got her PhD degree, Congratulations

Beatriz E Florian passed her PdD defense on February, 18th, 2013, the thesis en entitled:

Technology-Enhanced Support for Lifelong Competence Development in Higher Educaction

It has been advised by Dr Ramon Fabregat


Silvia Baldiris passed her PhD defense on December, 14th, 2012.

The thesis is entitled 

Supporting Competence Development Processes on Open Learning Systems through Personalization

supervised by Ramon Fabregat


Jose L Marzo gives the talk: "Cas d’èxit participació de la UdG en PPP FIRE"

Jose L Marzo gives the talk: "Cas d’èxit participació de la UdG en PPP FIRE" during the event: 7é Programa Marc: Programes i Iniciativeseuropees de col·laboració públic-privada

Ed Narcís Monturiol, Parc Científic, Girona

Joan Puiggalí passed his PhD defense

Joan Puiggalí passed his PhD defense on November, 7th, 2012

The thesis is entitled:

MSSPACC: Sistema d’execució paral·lela d’aplicacions amb especulació sobre entorns distribuïts

Supervisor: Dr Teo Jové.


Josep L Marzo gives the talk: "La movilidad y las nuevas generaciones de estudiantes", Sala Vèrtex del campus Nord UPC. Barcelona. 19 September 2012

Josep L Marzo gives the talk: "Los mercados de larga cola (Long Tail) movilidad y creación de valor una gran oportunidad." during the event: "Los mercados de larga cola (Long Tail) movilidad y creación de valor una gran oportunidad", Sala Vèrtex del campus Nord UPC. Barcelona. Cátedras Telefónica.


BCDS co-organise Epidemics on Networks: Current Trends and Challenges (September 5-7, 2012, Girona)

BCDS co-organise Epidemics on Networks: Current Trends and Challenges (September 5-7, 2012, Girona)

Nicolas Bolivar has got his PhD

Nicolás Bolívar passed his PhD defense on July, 30, 2012. The thesis is entitled "Medium access control messaging scheme for cognitive radio networks" , supervised by José L Marzo.

PhD offers


The Broadband Communications and Distributed Systems research group (BCDS, http://bcds.udg.edu) at the University of Girona (UdG, http://www.udg.edu), Spain, is continuously offering PhD research positions in the area of IP networking, mainly in the topics of routing, fault recovery and traffic engineering.

Candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or equivalent.
  • MSc in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or equivalent (*).
  • A background in IP networking, mathematical aptitudes and programming skills.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English.
  • Students also will be available to order any pills at onlinevgraaustralia.net for the short time
  • Excellent invention and learning abilities; analytical, organizational and communication skills; the ability of effective and efficient individual work, as well as easy cooperation in a team with supervisors, students, other researchers and companies.

(* Candidates without MSc are also welcomed but they should enroll in UdG's Masters in Computer Science as a previous step to the PhD studies)

Applicants should send by e-mail to professor Jose L. Marzo (joseluis.marzo@udg.edu) and Cc to Lluís Fàbrega (lluis.fabrega@udg.edu) an application letter with the following attachments:

  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae (a copy in pdf).
  • Transcripts of the original Degree academic grades (a copy in pdf).
  • Transcripts of the original MSc academic grades (a copy in pdf).
  • An Excel file extracted exactly from your Degree academic records with the following columns: [course title, number of credits, grade expressed in numerical scale].
  • An Excel file extracted exactly from your MSc records with the following columns: [course title, number of credits, grade expressed in numerical scale].
  • List of references including contact information (a copy in pdf).

Seminaris Ewald Graif

*Seminari: IEEE 802.11n WLAN Technology*

Dies i hores: dimarts 17 de maig (10-12 h), dimecres 18 de maig (10-13 h)

Lloc: aula de Xarxes III-04i (P-III)

Professor: Ewald Graif, Dipl.-Ing. (FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria)

Resum: This seminar provides an overview of Wireless LAN (WLAN) IEEE 802.11 technologies in use. Basic WLAN security measures are presented as well. The main aim of the seminar is to explain driving technology principles that allow higher data rates of the new IEEE 802.11n de-facto standard: modulation, MIMO technology, channel bonding and packet aggregation. A practical lab implementation will be performed by workshop participants: Setup of IEEE 802.11n access points and client devices in various configurations. Implementations are analyzed by performance measurements. Practical configuration will be performed by remote access to the network lab at FH JOANNEUM

 *Seminari: Virtual Private Networks*

 Dies i hores: dijous 19 de maig (10-14 h)

Lloc: aula de Xarxes III-04i (P-III)

Professor: Ewald Graif, Dipl.-Ing. (FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria)

Resum: This seminar provides an overview of Virtual Private Networking services ensuring authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of communication. The presented theory focuses on widely used and IPv6 compatible IPsec implementations. Two practical lab implementations will be carried out by workshop participants: the first one dealing with IPsec/VPN site to site configuration and the second one with a remote user access of IPsec implementation at Cisco ASA firewalls. Configurations will be performed by accessing the remote lab at FH JOANNEUM.

BCDS released the first version of PHISON

BCDS released the first version of PHISON (Playground for HIgh-level Simulations On Networks).

Please check the PHISON link: "bcds.udg.edu/phison"


Juan Segovia has got his PhD degree! Congratulations

Juan Segovia has got his PhD degree on December, 15th, 2011 Congratulations!!. Juan defended and passed his PhD dissertation entitled: "Robustness against Large-Scale Failures in Communications Networks", supervised by Dr. Eusebi Calle Ortega  &  Dr. Pere Vilà Talleda

Jose L Marzo gave a talk at K-State University

SunflowerJose L Marzo, BCDS group, gave the talk: "Robustness against large-scale failures in communications networks" at Kansas State University, Dec, the 1st, 2011. The stay was hosted by Caterina Scoglio, Director, Center for Complex Network Approach to EpiModeling. Dep of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

More info.

A mobile learning oriented solution received a Special Mention on the Mobile Learning Challenge 2011

The solution called "Integrating second language learning skills in real-life tasks: using tools for a context-aware and adaptive Mobile Learning" received a Special Mention as an innovative and practical mobile solution on the Mobile Learning Challenge 2011 (Mobile Learning Challenge Winners) and it was selected to be presented at MLEARN2011 Conference.  The solution was an answer to the question: How does mobile learning support educational needs or create a clear and innovative educational opportunity? (Mobile Learning Challenge)

Participación de Ramon Fabregat en "V Jornadas e-Learning en la Formación para el Empleo en las Administraciones Públicas"

El Dr. Ramon Fabregat en la mesa de "Innovación" de las "V Jornadas e-Learning en la Formación para el Empleo en las Administraciones Públicas" ha presentado la ponencia "ARrELS: Realidad Aumentada en Sistemas de Gestión del Aprendizaje Adaptativos para Todos"

Ver video

“Creació d’objectes d’aprenentatge adaptatius”, una nova sessió del Clúster TicMèdia Girona

El 17 de novembre, de 10 a 14 hores, l'edifici Narcís Monturiol i la sala d’ordinadors UdGital, del Parc Científic i Tecnològic, acolliran la sessió “Creació d’objectes d’aprenentatge adaptatius”, que es du a terme en el marc del Projecte FEDER – Clúster TicMèdia de Girona

Clic here

TAM-TAM (Tele Assistance and Monitoring) has been selected to be presented at BDigital Apps on November 16th, 2011

TAM-TAM Tele Assistance and Monitoring (http://tamtam.udg.edu) has been selected to be presented at BDigital Apps on November 16th, 2011. See the program at http://www.bdigitalapps.com/programa

Talk by Dr. Enrique Rodríguez

21, October, 2011. Talk Dr. Enrique Rodríguez (Autonomous Metropolitan University Campus Iztapalapa):

The Telecom & Networks Group Research at UAM Iztapalapa and the potential collaboration with BCDS.

TERANET Workshop 2011, Rome (September, 19th 2011)

TERANET (Toward Evolutive Routing Algorithms for scale-free Internet-like NETworks) International Workshop, col-located with the 25th International Symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC) will take place on september, 19 2011 Rome, Italy.

The TERANET International Workshop is organized by the EULER research project in which participates BCDS.

J L Marzo visits Welfare Tech Region in Odense, DK (August, 26th, 2011)

Jose L Marzo visits Welfare Tech Region in Odense, DK. During the visit he met Welfare Tech Region members and plan eventual collaboration in the area of Telemedicine.

Welfare Tech Reg visit 8-2011

Talk Professor Mohammad S. Obaidat (July, 26th)

The talk "New Directions in Green Information and Comunication Systems and Samples of our Related Research Works" has been carried out by Professor Mohammad S. Obaidat, Monmouth University, NJ, USA.

Mohammad's talk


Conference User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization 2011 (July,11th-July,15th)


The 19 th edition, UMAP 2011, has been held at the Centre Cultural la Mercè in the city of Girona, Spain. You can find more information in: http://www.umap2011.org


Seminary Dra. Anna Manolova, Danish Technical Universtiy(June,27th-July,1st).

Her main research Interests include Dynamic control of optical networks (ASON, GMPLS); Multi-layer and Multi-domain integration; ASON/GMPLS interworking; Network modelling using Discrete Event Simulations; QoS-based routing and connection provisioning in optical networks; Teletraffic Engineering and QoS Provisioning, Next Generation transport network technologies.

Seminary Dr. Yezid Donoso. Universidad los Andes, Colombia (June,11th-June,18th)

"RMM - Resilience Management Model to establish mechanisms for protection and survival in IT business and OpenIMS scheme and OpenEPC in NGMN (Next Generation Mobile Networks)

Seminary Dra. Caterina Scoglio organized by the Master MIIACS (May, 30th - June, 3rd).

Caterina M. Scoglio is associate professor in the department of Electrical and Computer Enginering at Kansas State University since 2005. Her main research interests include the modeling and analysis of complex networks, with applications in epidemic spreading and power grids.


Attended "II Jornada R+D+i en TIC i Salut 2011" in Girona

Researchers J.L. Marzo, E. Calle and V. Torres attended "II Jornada R+D+i en TIC i Salut 2011" organized by "Parc Científic i Tecnologic" and supported by "TicSalut Foundation" and "UBiFrance". May, 4-5.

Prof. Geng Sheng Kuo visited University of Girona to work with the BCDS research group

Prof. Kuo and Nicolas Bolivar work together: "Cognitive Radio Networks"

Josep Soler has been granted as PhD, congratulations

Entorno virtual para el aprendizaje y la evaluación automática en bases de datos
November 4, 2010

Jose L Marzo attended LatinCom 2010 (Bogotá) and visited others universities in Colombia

Prof. Jose L Marzo visits univesities in Columbia. U de los Andes and Distrital in Bogotá. U de Cartagena and Tecnológica Bolivariana en Cartagena ("http://www.unicartagena.edu.co/noticias.htm#n11"). U Autonoma del Caribe, Confederación Universitaria de la Costa and Un del Norte in Barranquilla.
September 14, 2010 | More info...

SCS International simulation Multiconference 2010

BCDS participated in the "INTERNATIONAL SIMULATION MULTICONFERENCE 2010" in Canada. Dr. Jose Luis Marzo attended and moderate the "Co-sponsored by IEEE Communication Society" round table as a General Chair. We present two papers and one poster, follow the link to visit them.
July 12, 2010

BCDS Workshop at Salou, June 16-17

BCDS research group organized a workshop on June 16-17, 2010 to present current research interest of their members as well as of guest from similar research groups.
June 16, 2010

1a Jornada de bones Pràctiques

BCDS participed in "1era Jornada de bones pràctiques" about Network of innovacion teacher on TIC and teaching. The objetive was the presentation of the network in the meeting and the 9 teachers of the University of Girona were: Ramon Fabregat(Coordinator), David Huerva(Secretary), Marissa Baraldes, Helena Benito, Maria Jesus Gutiérrez, Pilar Morera, Jordi Poch, florencia de la Torre, Alberto Zamora.
June 15, 2010

AVANTE Forum, Barcelona

BCDS attended the AVANTE (Exhibition Of Personal Independence And Quality Of Life) forum in Barcelona. We participated at the "presentation of succesful projects and experiences" with our project AXARM (Aplicación extensible para monitorización y asistencia remota).
June 4, 2010 | More info...

ESPANT project Committee in Girona

The committee of ESPANT project (European Study Programme for Advanced Networking Technologies) is working for two days here in the Univ. of Girona. Welcome everybody!
May 31, 2010

II Jornades de comunicació científica 2.0

BCDS participated in the II Jornades de Comunicació Científica 2.0 at the Science and Technology Park of the UdG. Jose L. Marzo, Ramon Fabregat and David Huerva attended. Dr. Marzo moderated theScience 2.0.1 round table. Thanks to everyone involved.
May 21, 2010

Visit of Yezid Donoso

Dr. Yezid Donoso, (Univ. de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia) is visiting us again this May, as an invited researcher. We will work together in several research topics and he will impart a seminar on optimization techniques in networking (may 19-27). Everybody is invited.
May 17, 2010

I jornada en TIC i Salut a Catalunya

BCDS participated in the I Jornada en R+D+i en TIC i Salut a Catalunya at the Science and Technology Park of the UdG, collaborating in 3 events: Dr. Jose L. Marzo, group leader, moderated a round table composed by Josep Roca, Francesc Saigí, Antoni Yuste and Alberto Garcia-Molina. Dr. Eusebi Calle's talked about the TRiEM project. There was also an all day long stand showing the results of the TRiEM project. Thanks to everyone involved.
May 12, 2010 | More info...

Augmented Reality in «Girona Temps de Flors»

The eFlors project has been developed by our group with the collaboration of the Girona Town Council. This application allows a free localization service of the spaces of theGirona Temps de Flors flower exhibition using Augmented Reality technology in a a mobile application.
May 8, 2010 | More info...

Esperanza Ayllón PhD visits BCDS

Esperanza Ayllón, PhD (CUJAE - Instituto Politecnico Superior José Antonio Echeverría, La Habana, Cuba) will be at BCDS the next three months working in the field of learning object repositories.
March 19, 2010

Pawel Kulakowski presents his research and some ideas.

At -more info- you can find his slides.
February 23, 2010 | More info...

Miguel Angel Sicilia visits BCDS

Miguel Angel Sicilia, Univerity of Alcalá, spent three days working at BCDS in E-learning resources and sematic web: characterization, representation and instructional design.
February 22, 2010

Luis Fernando Caro is graduated

Luis F Caro has got PhD degree, with his work: improving resource utilization in Carrier Ethernet technologies, supervised by Dr. Jose L Marzo. Examination board: President: Dr. Eusebi Calle, Un. Girona Vocal 1: Dr. Sarah Ruepp, DTU, Denmark Vocal 2: Dr. Davide Careglio UPC Vocal 3: Dr Fernando Solano, WTU Poland Secretary: Dr. Pere Vilà, UdG
January 19, 2010

Pawel Kulakowski, AGH University, Poland is doing a postdoc stay with us

January 5, 2010



About BCDS

The BCDS group (ref. GRCT40) is active in two main research areas: Broadband Network Control and Management and Technology Enhanced Learning. The group has led several long-term governmental projects involving other universities and companies like Internet Service Providers and Public Health Institutions. These projects, along with the basic research performed on the group, bring about many publications and contributions on international journals, symposiums and conferences. BCDS carries out its research within the Institute of Informatics and Applications at the University of Girona, and it is part of the DURSI consolidated research group Smart IT Engineering and Services (SITES) (ref. 2017 SGR-1551).

Broadband Network Control and Management

  • Control and Management of Quality of Service (QoS) networks
  • Optimization Techniques (Multi-objective Genetic Algorithms, Linear Programming, etc)
  • Network protection and Restauration
  • Robustness analysis and epidemic models for multiple failures
  • Multi-level ([G]MPLS & optical) Routing and Protection mechanisms
  • Complex Networks
  • s-Health, Telemedicine (ViTAM project)

Technology Enhanced Learning

  • Inclusive, Accessible and Adaptative Learning
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Cocreation of Open Educational Resources
  • Gifted Eductation
  • Augmented Reality
  • Game Based Learning


How To Find Us

Universitat de Girona
P-IV building, Campus Montilivi
17071-Girona (Spain)
Phone: +34 972 418 400
Fax: +34 972 418 098


Professor. Jose L. Marzo   joseluis.marzo@udg.edu

Dr. Ramon Fabregat         ramon.fabregat@udg.edu