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Broadband Communications and Distributed Systems

Cecilia Avila has got her PhD degree, congratulations!!

Hendrys Tobar has got his PhD degree, congratulations!!

The thesis is entitled:

Supporting Technology for Augmented Reality Game-Based Learning

Girona, June 15th, 2017

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The videoconferencing system vitam on newspapers (La Vanguardia)

The videoconferencing system vitam was on newspapers (La Vanguardia) 26th, October 2014

 La Vanguardia vitam

Always check the location personally at the stage of its selection. At the most unexpected moment, it may turn out that the air conditioner does not work well in the hall, there is no toilet for people with special needs, or the width of the doorway does not allow bringing equipment inside. Therefore, test such moments in advance. Once I was hosting a conference for 50 participants, and an hour after the start, the owner of the room asked us to leave without explanation. As a result plan a large-scale event, we spent an hour training with participants in a nearby park until we found a new facility. It seems that this situation will not happen to you, but it is better to always have a plan "B".

Jorge Bacca has got his PhD degree, congratulations!!

The thesis is entitled:

Framework for the design and development of motivational augmented reality learning experiences in Vocational Education and Training

Girona, June 12th, 2017

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November, 14th, 2014 Eusebi Calle and Jose L Marzo are Keynote Speakers at RNDM 2014

The talk is entitled: 

Robustness Analysis of Networks under Large-scale Failures: Drawing Robustness Surfaces

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