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Short Bio

Associate professor in Computer Science at the University of Girona. He is a Computer Science Engineer (1997) from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and he received a PhD in Computer Science (2004) at the University of Girona. His research interests include: new routing algorithms for Future Internet, network protection and robustness, complex networks, network management and control. He has authored or co-authored around 50 papers in his areas of interest, served as a member of program committee in several international conferences and as associate editor of International Journal of Communication Systems.


  • Current
    • GIROS ⇒ Redes Interdependientes y con Restricciones Geográficas: Indicadores de Robustez, TEC2015-66412-R, MINECO project (mar 2016 - feb 2019)
    • ELASTICNETS ⇒ Elastic Networks, TEC2015-71932-REDT, Thematic Network (oct 2015 - sep 2017)
    • CSI ⇒ Grup de Recerca Consolidat en Comunicacions i Sistemes Intel·ligents, SGR-1469, Generalitat de Catalunya (jan 2014 - dec 2018)
  • Finished (recently)
    • EULER ⇒ Experimental UpdateLess Evolutive Routing, FP7-258307, 3-year STREP project (oct 2010 - jun 2014)
    • ROGER ⇒ Robustness against Large-Scale Failures in Interdomain routing, TEC 2012-32336, MINECO project (jan 2013 - jun 2016)
    • FIERRO ⇒ Future Internet: Eficiencia en las Redes de Altas Prestaciones, TEC2010-12250-E, Thematic Network (may 2011 - sep 2012)

Supervised PhD Students